A Glance Around Insurance Claims Advice

AIGsGlobal M&A Insurance Claims study of its representation and warranty (R&W) claims between 2014 to 2015 found that one-in-four policies written on deals over $1 billion resulted in a claim. Overall, 18 percent of insurance claims help all global R&W policies written by AIG during the 2011 to 2015 period resulted in a claim. AIG is one of the largest writers of R&W insurance globally. This year, the study looked into claims severity for the first time, revealing that more than half of all material claims (those incurring more than $100,000) during the period were $1 million or more. A look

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Never Wondered About Insurance Adjusters?

That's because a car's resale value takes a dent when it's hit. It's a little-known insurance payout called 'diminished value.' It amounts to compensation for the loss of your car's re-sale value, after someone else hits it. Merri's husband received a $2,000 diminished value claim recently. But when she asked Progressive Insurance to pay her cars diminished value? She says she was told Progressive "doesn't do that." But, that's wrong. Diminished value is allowed in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. So Merri's dealer gave her a letter - stating the car was worth 28 grand. But after the accident,

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A New Analysis Relating To Insurance Adjusters

notwithstanding the fact that three times you were within feet of both these devices while you were preparing for the possibility to abandon ship." In his answer and counterclaim, filed on April 19, Carman's attorney admitted after he asked his mother to reel in the fishing lines he did not have any further conversation with her before the boat sank. He also admitted to failing to activate the boat's emergency beacon and not attempting to communicate his predicament by radio. The counterclaim does not explain why Carman did not take those actions, but "Defendant Carman admits that as a result

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